completing their PhD at the Stanford AI Lab,
supported by the Open Philanthropy AI Fellowship
+ the PD Soros Fellowship for New Americans.

And now

Once upon a time, there was a flower
And that flower had a leaf
And on the leaf was a ladybug
and in the spots of that ladybug
was every future the universe ever held
And when that ladybug ladybug-fluttered its wings,
the futures of the universe flickered, some further from and some closer to each other
and in the shared substrate present-time of these futures
a girl who felt weak
and like she had forgotten how to allow her wings to span her wingspan
she felt the bad universes scatter away
and the good universes embrace her
like warm sunshine
good that didn’t ask for a thank you
and she danced like a sparrow
and grew new leaves out of her old wings
and sitting still felt less like a prison and more like a wind
and she loved the green
and buzzed at a frequency
that coursed through the forest
creating waves that danced louder and louder
gathering the colors and bugs and bees and trees along the way
creating oscillation so loud it shook the world into love