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Deep in Our Bellies

On Don Quixote:
How men idealize women out of existence

Peter Pan is the villain




I wrote this poem for south asian womxn

The weather

And now

On my tenth birthday



Who are we to question our essence?

Data painting

Every day, I make a data painting. Scanning from the top left (my morning) to the bottom right (my night), we read how my day unfolded. Color indicates how I describe this time. Red is working in flow, orange is tasks/errands, grey is time that felt wasted, blue is spent with loved ones, purple is something I call 'aurora', time for ritual/slowing way down/artistic practice; there are others. The energy of the strokes, the shapes, and the overlapping of shapes into composition — these are how my day felt.



spoken word

spoken word


watercolor, turmeric dye, fabric

Dear Data

During the original Dear Data, every week for a year, Giogia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec collected data on some aspect of their lives and made a data drawing on a postcard, which they mailed to each other.

For my work and my self, I want to embody a softer relationship to data and to understand how the people I love relate to data, so I have begun my own Dear Data project. Every week, I and one loved one collect data (for example, on when we had positive thoughts, moments of indecision, or felt offended), and we trade data drawings. We are experiencing first-hand how our data can be intimidating, frustrating, beautiful, and surprising.




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