I conduct research, write, speak, and teach to reveal how the rise of AI is shifting power.

Weaving scientific and humanistic inquiry, my work confronts and nuances narratives that paint AI as a purely neutral, inscrutable, and authoritative technology. Rather, my research looks beyond this veneer of neutrality, and I reveal that AI technologies are currently contributing to larger, overwhelmingly power-centralizing, neocolonial, and surveillant projects. In parallel, I cocreate and study vibrant anti-oppressive convenings where communities at the margins are exploring when and how it becomes possible to take back this power. The guiding aim of my work is to offer communities strategic and powerful maps for understanding, interacting with, dismantling, or transforming the nature of these technologies.

I have been awarded support by the Open Philanthropy Fellowship, the Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship, the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, and the MacArthur Foundation. My work has been featured in Nature, the MIT Tech Review, national NIST reports, and popular media outlets.